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Pedigreed Cobs
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This topic for those cobs that are well pedigreed for which the current whereabouts may or may not be known. This topic may be useful for those who are searching out specific coins.

I'll start with a very well pedigreed eight reales of Santa Fe (de Bogota) also known as Nuevo Reino. I am looking for its current whereabouts. I have sale records for it for 1935 and 1975 and many catalog listings.

Philip IV, Santa Fe, 8 Reales, 1662 NoR, assayer PoRS

•   J.C. Morgenthau & Co., Inc. Sale Number 345, The Waldo Newcomer Collection, Part 1, Mexico, South and Central America, Tuesday and Wednesday, February 12th and 13th, 1935. New York: J.C. Morgenthau & Co., p. 12 lot 618 described “618 Philip IV. 1662 8 Reales. Crude dollar with NR. Between pillars. Very fine and nearly complete. Very rare. Plate.” Realized US$ 77.50 compared with several colonial Mexico milled gold eight escudos realizing around US$ 41 each. (illustrated)
•   Wayte Raymond. The Silver Dollars of North and South America, second edition. Racine WI: Whitman Publishing Co., 1964, p. 46 number 2. (Illustrated). (Cited by Burzio as Wayte Raymond 1st edition (1939) p. 31 number #1)
•   Tomás Dasí. Estudio de los reales de a ocho, también llamados pesos, dólares, piastras, patacones o duros españoles. Valecia: (Dasí) 1950-51 vol II, p. 184, number 333. (Illustrated)
•   Humberto F. Burzio. Diccionario de la moneda hispanoamericana. Santiago de Chile: Fondo histórico y bibliográfico José Toribio Medina, 1956, vol. II, p. 317 (listed) and Laminas plate XCIV number 724 (illustrated).
•   Yriarte, José de, y López-Chavez, Leopoldo. Catálogo de los Reales de a Ocho Españoles. Madrid: Editorial Iber-Amer, S.A., 1965 p. 188, number 1201 (illustrated). (Also first edition by Yriate, Catálogo de los Reales de a Ocho Españoles, number 189 (not confirmed)).
•   Superior Stamp and Coin Co., Inc. A.N.A. Auction Sale, August 19, 20, 21, 23, 23, 1975. Los Angeles: Superior Galleries Division of Superior Stamp and Coin Co., Inc., 1975, p. 162, lot 1793, plated.
•   Dr. Jorge Emilio Restrepo & Joseph R. Lasser. Macuquinas de Colombia (The Cobs of Colombia, South America). Medellín: Private printing. 1998, pp. 27 & 87, number M46-32
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•   Sewall Menzel. Cobs, Pieces of Eight and Treasure Coins: The Early Spanish-American Mints and their Coinages 1536–1773. New York: American Numismatic Society, 2004, p. 409.
•   Restrepo 1st edition Monedas de Colombia
•   Restrepo 2nd
•   Restrepo 3rd
•   Dr. Jorge Emilio Restrepo. Coins of Colombia (Spanish Colonial and Republican 1619-to 2012 (Monedas de Colombia 1619-2012) Fourth Edition-First English Edition. Medellín: self-published, Impresiones Rojo (printer), 2012, p. 82, number M46-28.

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